Notice and request

Notice about tickets

  • For food and drink, please purchase a food and drink purchase ticket of 3,000 yen including tax (300 yen x 10 tickets) at the venue reception and use it in each tent or kitchen car.
  • If you have purchased pre-sale festival food and drink tickets at Peatix, please prepare your Peatix tickets as they will be exchanged for a sticker-type food and drink purchase ticket worth 3,000 yen at the venue reception.
  • If you applied for a support return with food and drink tickets through the crowdfunding “CAMPFIRE”, we will exchange it for a sticker-type food and drink purchase ticket at the venue reception, so please enter your “user name” and “support ID”. Please let us know at the reception.
  • Food and drink may end early depending on the item. note that. Please note that we will not refund any tickets due to sold out.
  • Cannot be changed, exchanged, refunded, reissued, or redeemed for cash after purchase. There will be no refunds if the event is unavoidably changed due to the change or cancellation of vendors, or if the event is interrupted or canceled due to natural disasters or unforeseen accidents.
  • We will not compensate for travel expenses (including cancellation fees) to the venue due to the cancellation of this event.
  • Tickets are valid only during the exhibition period. We do not offer refunds.

Notice about events

  • Please be sure to check the precautions before purchasing a ticket.
  • Please refrain from bringing in food and drinks. Please use the booth in the venue. If it is found that you have brought it in, it will be confiscated.
  • Unbreakable wine glasses and neck wine glass holders will be sold at the reception. You are welcome to bring your own glasses, but please be careful when handling your glasses, as there are some families with small children.
  • This event will be held in rain.
  • ease refrain from taking places.
  • Those who act in a way that disturbs other customers inside or outside the venue, or who do not follow the instructions of the staff, will be forced to leave the venue. In that case, no ticket refunds will be made.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the venue.
  • Unauthorized solicitation or advertising is prohibited inside the venue.
  • Please come to the venue by public transportation.
  • Drunk driving and underage drinking are strictly prohibited by law.
  • Cooler boxes, parasols, bottles and cans, explosives such as fireworks, other dangerous items, items prohibited by law, and animals (except service dogs) are strictly prohibited to be brought into the venue.
  • The opening time, final entry time, and closing time are subject to change without notice due to unavoidable reasons.
  • Please note that the organizer is not responsible for any accidents, incidents, thefts, illnesses, injuries, etc. that occur inside or outside the venue.
  • Please act at your own responsibility and act accordingly inside and outside the venue. In the event of an accident or injury, the parties involved will be responsible for resolving the issue. Please note that the organizer will not be involved in the resolution of problems such as consultations regarding troubles between customers.
  • There are no coin lockers in the venue. Please manage your baggage at your own responsibility.
  • Please note that we will not exchange or return any official goods sold at the venue unless they are defective.
  • Please be sure to separate your garbage and dispose of it in the trash can.
  • We respect the self-responsibility of everyone who participates, and aim to create a festival that everyone can truly enjoy. The irresponsible actions of just one person can deprive many people of their enjoyment. In order for all participants to have a pleasant time, please take responsibility for various matters such as rules, morals, garbage, illegal parking, and your own physical condition.